Water Tolls

Water Tolls are “usage-based” charges assessed on the volume of water delivered to water users by the District. The water toll varies depending on the hydrology and the District’s surface water allocation from the Kern River. The water toll is higher in a dry year compared to a wet year due to the energy cost associated with the pumping of groundwater for irrigation. The District recovers the energy cost to pump ground water through the water toll.

In addition, starting in 2015 the District acquired water (produced) from California Resources Corporation’s (CRC) operations in the Kern Front Field. North Kern receives a minimum of 11,700 ac-ft of produced water per year. Particularly in drier years, these supplies materially enhances the District’s surface water supplies and incrementally reduce groundwater pumping/production. The cost for this new supply is being recovered through water tolls.


2019 Water Tolls

Month Toll Rates
January $95
February $95
March $95
May 1 - 19$95
May 20 - May 31$10

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