North Kern

Pursuant to its “Rules and Regulations” the North Kern Water Storage District has levied base service charges for many years to partly cover, among other things, actual costs of administration, operation and maintenance of the District and costs associated with construction and operation of District’s project. In 2014 due to various factors, including recovering the District’s Fixed Cost from Base Service Charge revenue, the need for the District to issue debt for several important infrastructure improvements (necessary to maintain the District’s project), and continuing efforts to protect the District’s water rights, the District initiated an election process under “Proposition 218” for a proposed increase in the District’s Base Service Charge. Through the Proposition 218 Election held in September 2023, District landowners overwhelmingly approved the maximum BSC authority of $210 per assessable acre for Class 1 lands and $190 per assessable acre for Class 2 lands. The election also provided for this maximum per acre authority assessment to be adjusted annually for five years by a consumer price index.

2023 Base Service Charge

Class 1 Lands$173.00 per acre
Class 2 Lands $157.00 per acre

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