Teams Conferencing:

Effective immediately, the Board of Directors have elected to terminate access to online Board Meetings and therefore the Teams meeting link is no longer available.  Monthly board meeting attendance will now be required to be in-person going forward.  We appreciate your understanding and should you have any further questions, please feel free to call the District office.

Landowner Meetings:

Powerpoint Presentation – Feb 2, 2024

Landowner Banking Program:

Landowner Banking Principles

Template – Landowner Recharge Banking Agreement

Groundwater Banking Project:

NKWSD: 2023 GW Banking Partnership Final CEQA Report

RRID:  Final 2024 ISMND – R-3 GW Recharge & Banking Proj 


2023 North Kern Prop 218 Engineers Report
2023 RRID  Prop 218 Engineers Report
RRID  Prop 218 Certifying Resolution
NKWSD Prop 218 Certifying Resolution
NKWSD 2023 Assessments – Final Notice
RRID 2023 Assessments – Final Notice
NKWSD 2023 Revised Assessment Roll
RRID 2023 Assessment Roll

Water Tolls:

Water Toll Rate (North Kern WSD) – March 2024 
Water Toll Rate (RRID) – May 2024


Spec #2023-01: Construction of 2-4 Wells – July 2023
Spec #2023-01: Specifications 2023-01
Spec #NK622-623: Return Capacity Project – 2024
Spec #NK-622-623:  Addendum No.1
Spec #NK-622-623:  Addendum No.2
Spec #22-1: Contract Documents – Jan 2022
Spec #22-1:  Addendum No.1
Notice of Intent – Water Resource Program  Dec 2022


TCP Mitigation Project – Draft ISMND
NK-619 Specs and Plans
NK-619 Addendum 1
NK-619 Plans
NK-619 Addendum 2
NK-619 Addendum 3
NK-619 Addendum 4
NK-619 Addendum 5

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