The hydrographic portion of Operations tracks and manages the District’s Kern River water supplies (hydrographic functions) and the water accounting/billing and dispatch functions. Hydrographic functions ensure that the District is accurately tracking its River supplies in conjunction with the Kern River Watermaster and the City of Bakersfield (as the record keeper and operator of the Kern River) and receiving its full and proper entitlement to these supplies. These functions also entail tracking other water supplies available to the District through exchanges or other water management programs, coordinating customer water orders received through the dispatch desk and adjusting District orders of Kern River supplies through Bakersfield.

The Operations Department is also responsible for operating the District’s surface and groundwater systems to ensure water deliveries are made efficiently as ordered by District customers. Operations works closely with the District’s dispatchers to respond to changes in customers water orders and adjust and optimize the use of the District’s water supplies accordingly. Operations personnel (canal tenders) then adjust flow in the District’s delivery canals and at customer turnouts to match orders, and track water use through the turnouts. Canal tenders also provide a vital role in monitoring the District’s canal/reservoir system for potential problems.

Operations Staff Contact Information:


Heather Williams



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