Sustainable Groundwater Management Act

Historically, the use of groundwater in most areas of California was “minimally managed”, and in many areas groundwater conditions (storage quantities/levels, water quality) deteriorated over time. These conditions were exasperated during the statewide drought which started in 2012 in combination with generally reduced surface water supply availability associated with environmental regulations. Consequently, in 2014 the State enacted the “Sustainable Groundwater Management Act” (SGMA) which requires groundwater basins be managed in a sustainable state by 2040.

SGMA required that “Groundwater Sustainability Agencies” (GSA) be formed by June 2017 – North Kern is a member of the Kern Groundwater Authority (KGA) GSA – and further requires the preparation and submittal of “Groundwater Sustainability Plans” (GSP) by January 2020. The GSP is expected to provide a “road map” to sustainability over the ensuing 20 years. Attached are several presentations that the District made to landowners which provide additional information on SGMA. Additional information can also be found at the State Department of Water Resources and KGA websites linked to below:


California Department of Water Resources 

Kern Groundwater Authority

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KGA Boundary Map

SGMA Presentations:

KGA GSP Regulation Overview

NK Landowner Meeting Presentation

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