Water Quality

The District collects Water Quality Samples monthly and provides the results to landowners for the irrigation planning purposes.

Water quality samples are collected from 5 locations in the District canal system

The locations, shown on the map, are:

1. Beardsley is the head of the Beardsley Canal. This sample represents Kern River water
without any Cross Valley Canal or District deepwell water.

2. 7th Standard is the Lerdo Canal immediately north of 7th Standard Road. This sample
represents Kern River Water with Cross Valley Canal water without District deepwell

The remaining sample points have a blend of the water from 7th Standard plus District
deepwells (if running).

3. Zachary is the CT-1 Canal at Zachary Road.

4. Kimberlina is the Lerdo Canal at Kimberlina Road.

5. Stiff House is the CT-2 Canal at Stiff House Weir one mile south of Highway 46.

thumbnail of Water Quality Location Map

Water Quality Location Map

Water Quality Reports

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